Making Incredible Time - 2013 Demo

by Making Incredible Time

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released January 18, 2013

Recorded by Dan Bonn
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Bonn and MIT



all rights reserved


Making Incredible Time San Diego, California

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Track Name: Bloody Murder
I lost my love
I lost my drive
My inspiration
Drop me off
Drop me off at the station

This used to mean much more to me
It's just now that i see
And though you're so close to me
You've never been so far away to me

And though you're so far gone
It seems like yesterday
That we would play until the lights went out
And play even longer until we screamed
Bloody Murder

And when I look into your eyes, tonight
I really wish I could believe
And when we play these songs for you, tonight
I'm really glad I didn't leave

I'm so glad you stayed
Because I wasn't leaving anyway

I lost my love
I lost my drive
My inspiration
Drop me off
Drop me off at the station
Track Name: Viking Love March
Do as I please

Lay down your steel
Forfeit your siege
Surrender to me
And my army

Once again my foe
Face to face we meet
I am the one
I must defeat
Track Name: Back That Ass Up
Say you have no regrets
Always been so tough anyway well
Can't decide if I do or if I don't
People's eyes don't hide their lies
Vices turn my guts inside
Embarrassed to think about some choices I've made
No I can't go back
So I just numb the pain

All the people that I deemed really close
Never said what I already knew
The words screamed from their eyes

We have lost all respect for you

Not the first person to run
And they say like father, like son
No excuses No ambition
Just take the path of least resistance
Track Name: Send in the Clowns
Look who's back in the saddle again
It's so nice to see you my old friends
How've ya been and
How ya feelin'?
You feel good?
You look good.

I can't complain, I've been the same I guess
How long's it been since we last...?
TOO LONG it's been since we last
Kicked some ass together
How about this weather?

I gave my all
I gave my all
I wanted it all
I wanted it all

Where do we go from here?
I guess I don't care where we go
As long as it's fun getting there
So when the show doesn't go the way you've hoped
Send in the Clowns